About Calico

I've always dealt with being left with dry, itchy skin after using commercial body washes and soaps.  Well-known brands would often make my skin itch before I even left the shower!

After being frustrated with commercial soaps for "sensitive skin" that left my skin ravaged, I turned to hand-crafted soaps.  While I noticed a difference in how my skin felt, it was still left dry. At my sister's suggestion (thanks, Z!), I started making soaps. I realized then that even handcrafted soaps can be harsh if a high percentage of coconut oil or palm kernel oil is used.  

So I set up to develop a soap that didn't make my skin itch in the shower. One that left my skin softer, smoother, and occasionally skip lotion/body oil.  I feel in love after the first batch. After over a hundred batches, I developed a recipe that made my skin happy.  

My mission is that by crafting each item by hand, using only the best ingredients, while prioritizing transparency and integrity in my processes,  I empower each of you to feel confident and beautiful in your skin.  

If you're wondering how Calico Soapworks got its name, keep reading. When deciding on a business name, I couldn't make up my mind. While pacing, I looked down at my two calico cats, Halle and Nikki, and it hit me then.